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Engaging India @Almedalen 2022

The World is One Family: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Nations and communities cannot exist in silos. There is a strong need to co-think our future as one planet and one society. Accordingly, the theme for Engaging India at Almedalen in 2022 was "The World is One Family", borrowing from the ancient Indian concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

The seminars focused on fostering cooperation, collaboration, and connections between the Swedish and Indian Innovation, Technology and Sustainability Ecosystems with thought-leaders, policy makers, academia and innovators from Sweden and India. Seminars at Engaging India at Almedalen strive to highlight the potential of collaboration between Sweden and India. The theme of 2022 takes these collaborations forward to explore co-creation opportunities for our planet.

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Seminar 1:

Rejuvenating the planet: How can Sweden and India collaborate for a sustainable future?

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Seminar 3: 

How can technology collaborations help us build a more sustainable planet?

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Seminar 2 :

What are the pathways to energy transition for climate neutrality for Sweden and India?

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Seminar 4 :

Partnerships towards Global Goals: Can Sweden and India show the way? 

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