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5 Years of Engaging India @ Almedalen

Climate action is not an individualistic pursuit, but demands a collaborative approach from countries globally to combine their strengths and knowledge for meaningful action. Recognizing this need for collaboration across borders, Engaging India at Almedalen, celebrating it's 5th year, brings together Swedish and Indian industries to build connections and co-create solutions for mutual pathways and innovative solutions to tackling climate challenges. Accordingly, the theme for Engaging India at Almedalen this year is Samband for the Climate. Borrowing from the Hindi word 'Sambandh' and Swedish word 'Samband' meaning connections, it aims to take forward past conversations to create a more collaborative, sustainable future.

Stay tuned for more updates on the seminar.


Speakers at Engaging India @ Almedalen 2024

Ambassador Tanmaya Lal_edited.jpg
Mayank Singhal_1.webp
Viral Thakker.jpg
H.E. Tanmaya Lal,
Ambassador of India
to Sweden and Latvia
Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson,
Thermax Ltd.
Mayank Singhal, Chairpman & MD,
PI Industries
Owe Ronström, Professor Emeritus, Uppsala University
Viral Thakker,
Partner & Sustainability Leader,
Deloitte India
Dr. TS Balganesh, Independent Director, PI Industries
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-12 at 20.41.26.jpeg
Swaminathan Ramanthan.jpeg
Shilpa Sachdeva,
Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance, PI Industries
Dr. Swaminathan Ramanathan, Lecturer & Researcher,
Uppsala University & Director,
Rupali Mehra,
Founder, Content People & CMO, Spowdi

Conversations so far at Engaging India @Almedalen

Engaging India was started in 2019 during Almedalen Week as a multi-disciplinary platform for thought-leaders, academia, governments & industries to engage, exchange, and collaborate on ideas of development, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Now celebrating 5 years, Engaging India at Almedalen is an annual seminar held as part of the official
Almedalen Week, with a focus on how collaboration between Swedish and Indian innovation ecosystems can
foster new approaches, frameworks and solutions for sustainability that is available for everyone.

Engaging India at Almedalen seminars have shown the potential of collaboration between Sweden and India.
There are already successful examples of this. We look forward take these collaborations forward to explore
co-creation opportunities, especially towards climate action. Click below to know more about the previous themes and topics discussed at Engaging India at Almedalen.

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